Fluffy Stories #2: What Are Fluffy Polar Bears?

Fluffy Polar Bears
3 min readOct 8, 2021


“After a very harsh ice age, polar bears were the only species that survived. Now, they need to explore the world, creating inventions and a world of polar bears — cold, funky, and definitely interesting!”

Fluffy Polar Bears are a collection of 9,999 randomly and fully On-Chain generated NFTs that exist on the Ethereum Blockchain. 99 of them will be fully hand-drawn special editions of the collection. They have +250k possible combinations and a variety of facial expressions, outfits, background colors, and hats. Polar Bears are hand-drawn by the famous cartoonist Selçuk Erdem. Later on, you will be introduced to a completely different world with breeding. Social responsibility, augmented reality games, and digital transformation — all included! The real story of Polar Bears will begin with breeding. We will step into a completely different world with ice cubes to be sent to each holder’s wallet. Polar Bears are only the beginning of the story!

Why Fluffy Polar Bears?

In our previous article, we told you about Selçuk Erdem’s curiosity and excitement about drawing animals (link). When we came together as a team and explained our ideas to Selçuk, the most basic thing that we all agreed on was Fluffy Polar Bears. Selçuk’s love for animals, his years-long professional work in this field, and the fact that we all believe in the message here made our job much easier. Let’s imagine what a fun place the world would be if there were only endangered polar bears left in the world and they took our place.

Humanity has done an unprecedented amount of damage to nature. Dozens of generations have been harmed, not just polar bears. We wanted to be their voice. Instead of telling people about the situation with boring and unfunny content, we really wanted to convey the world of animals and their existence in the most colorful way while also making their situation seen. For this, we used the way we know best: “art.”

Why Now?

As we mentioned in the previous article, NFT works are no different from the drawings made on walls in ancient times. Art, like all other living things, has evolved and changed, and it is now much more accessible. We may be in one of the periods when the power of art is most intense. We aim to reach more people directly by combining this effect with the issues we want to draw attention to. For this reason, we want to take part in the NFT world and share our ideas and the issues we want to draw attention to directly with you. This is definitely the best time!

Who Are We?

We came together as a passionate team that knows the NFT world very well. With Selçuk Erdem’s unique artistic style, which has been an inspiration for us for over 20 years, we aim to produce drawings that reflect meme culture, to create long-term value by adding various utilities to these drawings, and to use our donations and the continuation of our story to raise awareness about the issues we want to draw attention to.



Fluffy Polar Bears

After a very harsh ice age, polar bears were the only species that survived! Drawn by famous cartoonist @selcukerdem Join us; http://discord.gg/y4CyFyng7W