Polar Babies — Breeding with Fluffies

Fluffy Polar Bears
3 min readApr 6, 2022

Iceverse expansion is on the way with Polar Babies. Super cute looking right?

What you need for breeding is at least 2 Fluffy Polar Bears. As our fluffies are genderless, any 2 fluffy can breed a baby. Remember a fluffy can only breed once.

For breeding, you’ll need some $ICE token which we’ll introduce later on (Late April 2022). And based on the Fluffy type you have you’ll have different rarity tier babies on the way. When you use 2 FPBs and burn some ice tokens, you’ll get an Incubator (the name is not final) This incubator can be B1 — normal, B2 — rare, B3 ultra-rare. Check out this chart.

This chart here shows the probability to get a B1 or B2 or B3 incubator when you breed given FPBs in the chart. Traits are not transferable so, each baby will have different random traits while breeding while keeping their rarity as B1/B2/B3 tier.

More details about breeding will be shared so soon including
- The use of sketch
- Token requirement
- Supply count

What if I have a single Fluffy Polar Bear?

It’s better for you to get your second Fluffy Polar Bear first of all. Join us on discord we’ll help you find the second one.

But we’ve also thought of a way for lonely hearts and partnered with Double Protocol.

Double Protocol is an NFT rental platform primarily for GameFi and metaverse assets. By utilizing the Dual Role NFT standard proposed by Double enables the separation of ownership and use rights easily, which is of great significance to expanding the user’s base of GameFi and metaverse.

If you own a single Fluffy Polar Bear, you’ll be able to list your Fluffy on a special platform for rental and rent your Fluffy for some ETH in return. The renter will breed using your fluffy, get the baby and in the end, your rented fluffy will be returned to your wallet thanks to the protocol they’ve created!

We’ve super excited about this partnership and the Polar Babies in May 👀

Cause, just look at this beauty



Fluffy Polar Bears

After a very harsh ice age, polar bears were the only species that survived! Drawn by famous cartoonist @selcukerdem Join us; http://discord.gg/y4CyFyng7W