New Chapter in Fluffy Polar Bears: Single NFT to rule them all

Fluffy Polar Bears
4 min readMar 26, 2022


On March 27th, 2022, Fluffy Polar Bears has move into a new smart contract which we call <The Fluffy Movement>. In the linked article you can find many details on why we are doing this and what to expect from this new contract, especially the mimetic metadata.

What is Mimetic Metada?

Mimetic metadata, allows a single NFT to have multiple metadata, stored on-chain and gives control to the owner of the NFT meaning, the NFT owner can turn the NFT into any minted visual metadata of that NFT

Mimetic Metadata turns the ownership of a token into an experience.

Let’s go by an example. As a holder, you own a single NFT that has an image of your loved Fluffy. That’s yours, approved by blockchain, and will be yours forever. We as the fluffy team wanted to introduce the Pixel version on your fluffy. Same Fluffy but in Pixel format. The industry normal right now makes you mint a new collection (Pixel Fluffies) and turns into a holder of two separate NFTs living in your wallet.

If the team consistently wanted to introduce other versions of your fluffy you’ll keep adding new NFTs in your wallet. And in the end, this will start to dilute the original collection as the supply of the overall brand keeps increasing over time.

However, this can turn into an experience. Own single NFT but have multiple versions of it. And do this as a living experience. How do we do that?

Introducing $ICE Token

$ICE token will be the utility token of Fluffy Polar Bears. It will take place after the movement (Late April) and will be a passive yield based on rarity meaning your fluffies will start yielding $ICE tokens if they’re not listed. The same approach as staking but instead of sending them to a staking contract, your fluffies stay in your wallet and yield $ICE token daily if they’re not listed between daily snapshots or marketplace access of the wallet holding the NFT has been revoked. Why not stake, cause we want you to enjoy the mimetic metadata experience as that is something you can’t do if it’s not in your wallet but in the staking contract. More details will be shared before the launch of the token. Diamond hands, you have a pending airdrop ;)

So back to the experience, you have your Fluffy, you have your yielded $ICE tokens, now it’s time to use that tokens to mint new metadata for your NFT

The process will be the same as minting but instead of having another NFT in your wallet, you’ll have the second alternative of your existing NFT.

Same NFT, same ID, same collection but different image. Minted & controlled by you, stored on-chain meaning you can switch back to any of it at any time you want.

This newly minted metadata will unlock a new attribute in the marketplaces where users can filter the unlocked metadata count and specific layer names. Unlocking new metadata will not change the base rarity of your NFT however it adds value to your NFT as it accumulates new alternatives. As each minting requires $ICE token, the overall value of your NFT will increase in terms of $ICE.

Forever & Seasonal Metadata

Turning your NFT into a living experience by minting new versions of it over time, let’s look up what we expect to mint in the upcoming future

  • Pixel Fluffy
  • Voxel Fluffy
  • 3D Fluffy
  • Special Backgrounds
  • New Traits
  • Collaboration apparels
  • Anything beyond our imagination our in other words in hands of our creator Selçuk Erdem

Some of the new metadata will be available forever, meaning you have the option to mint anytime you have enough $ICE tokens. For example, the pixel versions or the voxel versions. However, some of the new metadata will be seasonal, meaning you will have a certain period of time to mint with the use of enough $ICE tokens. For example, summer backgrounds will be available to mint only between June to August, or Boyner Collab apparel only available to mint within the first weeks of the Merchandise line launch.

Minting seasonal metadata will make your NFT more valuable as future holders will not have the chance to mint that metadata if it’s not been minted before.

We’re aiming to turn your NFT into a living experience, that’s what the mimetic metadata is for that is what the movement is for.

NFT space moving so fast, you can not predict what to expect in the upcoming months but you can be ready. Giving your NFT the flexibility to adopt will be our strong muscle and the rest is in the hands of our creator and artists and brands who would like to collab with Fluffy Polar Bears.

It’s time fluffies. Let’s welcome our new era!



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