Introducing: The Fluffy Movement!

Fluffy Polar Bears
5 min readMar 15, 2022

This article is curated by our amazing dev @dotyigit to give more details about the Fluffy Movement development side. Enjoy.

Hello fluffies, hope you doing great. In this article, the Fluffy Movement development details are going to be introduced. We are starting a new process, the Fluffy Polar Bears is going to be a pioneer in the NFT environment by using new metadata technology, mimetic metadata. Many other projects including our current contract don’t allow this due to old restrictions, we will make our holders gain with this new movement, that is, by migrating smart contract and the collection.

We would like to thank thedudesnft, one of the pioneers of this metadata technology. Along the way, we got ideas about technology from him and his collection.

Another thing is that the importance of metadata is not stored on a simple private server and stored in a decentralized way will increase day by day. A lot of collections skip this which is the nature of the ecosystem.

Let’s move on to what were the problems in the old smart contracts…

Issues on Old Smart Contracts

Our collection is a merged collection of 3 smart contracts.

  1. ERC1155 Sketches, used to claim Fluffy Polar Bears

2. ERC721 Fluffy Polar Bears, claimed 9342 Fluffy Polar Bears

3. ERC721 Special Editions, 99 1:1 Pieces

First of all, due to the many mistakes in the contract done by the former developer, even the transfer gas fees are higher than they should be. In addition, metadata also lives in the contract as a variable. That’s why we have integration problems with many NFT tools and platforms. In addition, we cannot change the missing features in the first metadata. The reason for this is the inaccuracy of the system set up while on-chain generation is being made. It does not give us enough flexibility.

Special Editions had to be released as a different collection due to errors that occurred while they were being distributed. This forced the former developers to split the collection in two. Also, for this reason, the filters of the Special Editions do not work correctly as expected.

Our other topic is Sketches. Due to the high gas prices when the collection was released, many people could not claim their sketches and some sketches were left open. Thus, we have 2 contracts with ERC721 standards and 1 contract with ERC1155 standards. All of these had to be merged. In every hype train, sketches block our way, now we are getting rid of them. Votes have been issued for their use in breeding, we will talk about the details after the movement.

Since we have 3 contracts, we take extra trouble in integration processes with many NFT tools, we can’t even integrate with some of them. There are situations where they need to write special code for us, some software may not work, etc. Also, OpenSea filters do not work properly because of this. In other words, it actually hinders us in many ways. It’s time to get rid of this plague.

We need to end this. Not for a save for today, but for our future. We need to have one single solid contract. And while we have the chance, we need to make it adaptable for our future plans.

We guess you’re all excited, now let’s move on to how we’re going to handle this process.

Migration Process

First of all, we want to announce to you all that our contracts and metadata are ready. They’re audited and waiting for the final touches to be made. Now let us tell you our migration steps are in order.

1. To begin with, we will announce the exact time, with a certain amount of time before the move, transfers of old Fluffy Polar Bears and Special Edition contracts will be closed. Thus, since there will be no owner change during the migration, there will be no incorrect mintings.
2. The metadata in the old contracts cannot be changed, but the visuals of the normal Fluffies will be replaced with the newly created movement drawing. We will request Opensea to delete the old collection from the platform.
3. Then we will start the minting process on the new contract where the old contract paused. In this process, you can sit back and enjoy your coffee. (Gas costs during the minting process of the entire collection will be covered by our team.) For the minting operation of the new contract, the owners of the old collection will be read from the new contract, so we do not leave any room for human error here. We will determine a time when gas is suitable for this process and start minting. We plan to complete this migration process within one day if the conditions will be as expected.
4. Transfers of the old collection will remain closed forever, their pictures will be changed, and they will remain in your wallets as souvenirs forever.

Let’s see what to expect with the new smart contract.

What should be expected from the new smart contract?

Most importantly, we embrace mimetic metadata, which will be like unlimited metadata minting on a single token. Without polluting the market and the network, we will add as many utilities as possible on a single token as time goes on. Ice token comes into play here, with the new contract, metadata minting will be done using Ice token. Our first metadata to be minted will be pixel versions.

Users who want will be able to see the pixel versions on OpenSea, and those who want to see their normal fluffy. And all these transactions will be carried out in a decentralized way.

Minting metadata of your very own NFT will be a thing while moving forward. We’ll not need to create a new collection and dilute the main collection every time we need to introduce something new. Your NFTs will have the ability to adopt!

Lower gas fees will be paid for the transactions to be made. At the same time, our token-based transfer lock feature is also coming. This is done for both security and integration into games.

Our integrations to platforms will now be effortless and headache-free. We will be able to use all tools easily. Sites such as rarity tools, NFTinit will no longer have problems with our collection.

While we are already leading the market with the utility we provide, we will make the lagging technology part of the same quality and enter our future in a brighter, user-friendly, and collaborative way. Please feel free to mention our new metadata standard anywhere, it’s one of the leading technological innovations worth talking about. If our new work is known with the support of the community, we will achieve great success.



Fluffy Polar Bears

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