Fluffy Stories #3: Arctic Island Travel Details

As we stated on the roadmap of our project, we will send five people on a dream trip with the draw to be held among the owners of Fluffy Polar Bears. As a result of some details we planned in the continuation of the Polar Bear world, we first planned to give away a trip to Antarctica.

Then, for the first step of our project, we thought that a trip where we could watch polar bears and witness their world would be much better. For this reason, we have chosen the tour with the highest probability of watching polar bears by sealing a deal with OceanWide Expeditions, our travel partner! Our tour will take place between 23 and 30 June 2022.

Accommodations will be in Twin Porthole cabins. Every detail of this seven-day-trip has been considered for your comfort. All of our winning members’ flight/travel expenses and tour expenses will be covered by us. Even better, we will participate in this tour as a whole team! Watching Polar bears with Selçuk Erdem? Why not?


On Sunday November 14th 3PM EST, we will be choosing 5 lucky winning Fluffy Polar Bear IDs out of 9441 FPB’s for our big prize! Our artist ⁨Selçuk Erdem⁩ will be using a “random winner picker” tool and we will be streaming this live on Twitch! https://www.twitch.tv/polarbearsnft. Please keep in mind that we will be taking a snapshot on December 13th 3PM EST to find the owners of the winning FPB IDs to get in contact for a trip of a lifetime! Join our discord for more info https://discord.gg/bhmHwFmc5D

Stay tuned for draw details, and HODL YOUR POLAR BEARS!



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Fluffy Polar Bears

After a very harsh ice age, polar bears were the only species that survived! Drawn by famous cartoonist @selcukerdem Join us; http://discord.gg/y4CyFyng7W