Fluffy Iceboard Mobile Game Season 2 — You can’t beat my community or can you?

Fluffy Polar Bears
4 min readNov 1, 2022

Everything is better with frens, right? In Season 2, our loved Fluffy Iceboard is now better with frens.

Fluffy Iceboard is a hyper-causal, gravity-triggered single-interaction game where you help your character to board down the mountains while facing obstacles. This season, our friends joined the adventure. Let’s welcome our friends from Dippies, Fomo Mofos, The Lobstars, The Pixels Inc, Robotos, Wonderpals .

Skating on ice has never been this fun! But this season, it is now much more fun with frens.

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Each community has a new character in the game. New characters are bringing new challenges. This season we have bonus points. Each community has its own emoji to collect. Your selected character community emoji gives +10 points whereas every other community emoji gives -2 points so be careful what to collect. Watch where you’re jumping, fren cause there are obstacles blocking your way. Try to avoid them by jumping over them. Long jumps can take you forward but you never know what to face when you land. Short jumps make you see what’s coming next but require more effort. Select the best strategy! The game is simple! Overcome all obstacles, and earn the highest score!

This season you’ll not only compete with other users but also other communities. So bring your community to the top of the leaderboard and win NFTs. All NFT space can participate in the competition and be a part of the game

Fluffy Iceboard Season 2 Prizes

When the game is ended, you can share your score on Twitter with the share button that appears on the end game screen. Only scores shared on Twitter will be recorded and can participate in weekly prizes. This season we have a community leaderboard as well. So each score shared on Twitter with a selected community character, will participate in the community score. As we take the highest score of each individual to the individual leaderboard, we’ll also take the highest score of every single individual selected community. So if you play the game with different characters and share it on Twitter you’ll contribute to all communities. Numbers count so, before aiming for a high score, participate first.

Each week, there will be 2 competitions in which you can participate: Community and individual leaderboard. The top 2 of the individual leaderboard will win an NFT from the prize pool. The week leader has the option to pick first. The winner community from the community leaderboard will also win a Fluffy Polar Bear, which will be raffled among community participants that week with a high score multiplier. So higher the score, the higher the chance.

If you are a winner of that week, congrats. You’ll receive a message from our official Twitter account within 24 hours for wallet collection. WARNING You will never be asked to click on a link. Do not interact with contacts other than our official Twitter account. If you have any problems, please come to our server from the discord link below and open a ticket.

Week 1: The Lobstars NFT, Dippies Van NFT
Week 2: Fomo Mofos NFT, The Pixel Inc. NFT
Week 3: Fluffy Polar Bears NFT, The pixel
NFT Week 4: Wonderpals NFT, Fluffy Polar Bears NFT

Week 1: UTC 00:00 02/11/2022- 08/11/2022 UTC 23:59
Week 2: UTC 00:00 09/11/2022- 15/11/2022 UTC 23:59
Week 3: UTC 00:00 16/11/2022- 22/11/2022 UTC 23:59
Week 4: UTC 00:00 23/11/2022- 30/11/2022 UTC 23:59

As only the scores shared on Twitter count we keep the scores on google sheet and you can access the score table here.

As always we’ll build and enhance this game together. Join our discord for feedback and suggestions.

But for now, here is the challenge: You can’t beat my community, or can you? LFG!

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Fluffy Polar Bears

After a very harsh ice age, polar bears were the only species that survived! Drawn by famous cartoonist @selcukerdem Join us; http://discord.gg/y4CyFyng7W