Fluffies go on the TV! Partnership with Xentrix Studios for Animation Series

Fluffy Polar Bears
3 min readApr 1, 2022


It all started with this;

After a very harsh ice age, polar bears were the only species that survived. Now, they need to explore the world, create inventions and a world of polar bears — cold, funky and definitely interesting!

We imagined an alternative world where only Fluffy Polar Bears lived. From caveman to an astronaut Fluffy imagined a world full of humor, and sarcasm. Because this is where our roots come from our amazing creator Selçuk Erdem

It turned out that we’re not the only one who sees our Fluffy Polar Bears that way. Let us introduce you to Xentrix Studios

Xentrix is the fastest growing animation studio in AUSTRALASIA with studios in India, the Philippines, Singapore, Dubai, and Australia. They specialize in services for high-end 3D CGI animation, traditional 2D animation, and gaming projects. Their studios are driven by a very close-knit management team who are all industry veterans, world-class infrastructure, an LA-based sales and client management team, a comprehensive in-house pipeline, and a very committed crew of personnel.

They have worked with Marvel, DC, Warner Bros, and Disney to name a few. 2021 saw the release of the Ridley Jones series and in 2022 they partnered with Nickelodeon to produce the wonderful Big Nate series

They have worked on numerous animation projects including; Batman, Spiderman, Transformers, Bugs Bunny, Lego, and Noddy, the list is extensive. They are now working on over 20 new projects.

Ken Cantrill, Head of Creative in Xentrix Studios Australia quoted about their partnership with Fluffy Polar Bears

We reached out to Fluffy Polar Bears purely because we loved the old fashioned look and feel. It reminded us of cartoons of when we were growing up. The look had a cheekiness to it. When we did our research we established it was created by a well respected European cartoonist, Selcuk Erdem. Since we all commenced as cartoonists thso project certainly resonated with us deeply.

The name of the show is not set yet but the story takes place where we call the Iceverse. It’s gonna have a lot of sarcasm so you can imagine them as cute-looking adult tv animation series. Xentrix studios will take a huge role in production and scriptwriting where we as Fluffy Polar Bears give them the lore and backstory.

The 60-second first trailer is expected to come soon after this partnership announcement. We’ve already started working on it and a quick hint it’s gonna be a 2D animation without disturbing the original drawings of Selçuk Erdem.

We’ve already scheduled meetings with many big studios thanks to the Xentrix network and they’re waiting for the trailer. We’ve also signed with WP Brands, brand management & licensing agency, to take the TV show & Fluffy Polar Bears brand globally to the next level after the show is aired. Toys, merchandise products, and many licensing options will benefit all our holders.

Fluffy Polar Bear holders, we’re so excited about this future! We’ve accomplished it all together with you and we’ll go far beyond where we are again with you! Soon we’ll announce how your Fluffy Polar Bear can feature in this animation series.

Now, who’s making the popcorn? Soon we’ll have a TV show to watch! LFG!



Fluffy Polar Bears

After a very harsh ice age, polar bears were the only species that survived! Drawn by famous cartoonist @selcukerdem Join us; http://discord.gg/y4CyFyng7W