Did someone ask for WL? — Over 2000 WL spots served for holders only with a unique distribution system

Fluffy Polar Bears
4 min readApr 4, 2022

Whitelist spots for collections are hard to earn. Because it gives you early access to mint and most of the time your NFT is guaranteed. To get a WL from a good project you need to be super early in their discord or grind hard meaning spend so much time and contribute to the community to get a spot or be lucky and win one in their public raffles where thousands of people attend.

There is one other way to get a WL where projects make collaboration and you get a WL spot because you hold one of the projects’ NFT, in our case Fluffy Polar Bears.

Over the last 6 months, Fluffy Polar Bear holders had the chance to win WL spots for over 75 projects totaling more than 2000 spots. Yes, you heard it right, Fluffy Polar Bears team collaborated with more than 75 projects to bring a WL spot to its holders. That’s a utility that comes from just being a holder. And the winning possibility is really high as there are only 9441 fluffies out there and we’ll tell you more about why this matters.

Every new project coming out brings its own hype and provides great opportunities to trade from mint to reveal, resulting in a 1.6x to 2x sale price on average. MekaApes Game by OogaVerse, Rubber Duck Batch Party, and Stoner Ape Club are a few examples that we’ve provided WL for. We gather in discord, mint together, and evaluate the whole process together from mint to reveal. Join us on discord

Some projects perform really well post reveal as well. To name a few of them;

1- Creepz

We’ve given 100 spots and as of today, their collection FP is over 1.8 ETH, and already saw 8 ETH+ ATH.


2- Fancy Bears Metaverse

We’ve given 100 spots and as of today, their collection FP is over 0.45 ETH, and already saw 1 ETH+ ATH.


3- Pixl Pets Genesis Collection

We’ve given 5 spots and as of today, their collection FP is over 0.18 ETH, and already saw 0.4 ETH+ ATH.


4- Coniun

We’ve given 15 WL spots, and as of today their collection FP is over 0.6 ETH, and already saw 0.8 ETH+ ATH.

5- Dippies

We’ve given 15 WL spots, and as of today their collection FP is over 0.17 ETH, and already saw 0.5 ETH+ ATH.


The list goes on.

How do we distribute the Whitelist Spots?

Most of the projects use discord Giveaway bots that require you to have a specific role to enter. That means if you’re a holder, you verify your assets via CollabLand and get an owner role and join that giveaway in the project's giveaway channel in discord.

In those giveaways, an entry ticket is determined by discord ID meaning if you hold more than 1 NFT, you still get 1 entry ticket to that giveaway.

In Fluffy Polar Bears, we’ve changed that system and introduced something called <Tokendraw>. It’s still in the early stages as UI vise but does the job well.

The idea is simple, every not-listed Fluffy Polar Bear is another entry ticket.

In tokendraw, we have the ability to check wallet, confirm NFT count from specific contracts and also check if the NFT is listed or not. Totaly web3 style of working. This gives us the flexibility to reward our diamond-hand holders and holders with big bags. The more fluffy not listed, the more the chance.

We’ve received great feedback from our holders and in a near future, we’re planning to open this system for other project use as well. If you’re a project owner and willing to use this system find us on discord ;)

Join our discord now and check the fluffy-whitelist channel for all the projects we’ve provided WL for. Almost every day there is a new WL opportunity in discord so if you’re a holder, just stop by to say hi and if you’re not a holder, it’s now a good time and reason to become one. https://opensea.io/collection/polarbearsnft



Fluffy Polar Bears

After a very harsh ice age, polar bears were the only species that survived! Drawn by famous cartoonist @selcukerdem Join us; http://discord.gg/y4CyFyng7W