10 Things That You Probably Don’t Know About Polar Bears

Fluffy Polar Bears
3 min readMar 13, 2022

Hey, there fluffies, it’s time to bring our medium articles back and we thought that we should start with a fun one. We love the Polar Bears, right? So let’s dive into some facts that you probably don’t know about them. Here we go.

1. Polar bears aren’t actually white

Polar bears actually have black skin and no color pigment in their fur, meaning they are transparent. These feathers reflect light, making them appear white.

2. Polar bears can bite harder than a great white shark

Polar bears have a stronger bite than the great white shark, Bengal tiger, and African lion.

3. Polar bears can communicate using only their feet

With every step they take, polar bears’ claws leave a trail of scent. This allows them to communicate with each other even in very large areas.

4. Polar bears can run as fast as horses

Polar bears can run at speeds of 40 kilometers per hour.

5. Polar bears cannot be seen with night vision goggles

Thick layers of fat and their famous fur keep polar bears warm and comfortable in the snow-covered Arctic. But it also hides them from night vision goggles.

6. Polar bears have three eyelids

Yes, that’s right, exactly three! The third eyelid reduces the amount of UV reaching their eyes and thus protects them from snow blindness.

7. Polar bears don’t drink water

Most of the potable water in the Arctic is frozen, as you can imagine. However, they do not need to drink water, they can obtain the H2O they need through the chemical reaction that takes place during fat burning.

8. Polar bears don’t get wet

The fur of polar bears is two-layered. When polar bears swim in the ocean, the outer fur protects the inner fur from getting wet.

9. Polar bears have a blue tongue

Polar bear tongues are dark, often ranging from blue to purple, and sometimes black. The tongue is dark because it is well supplied with blood.

10. A record-breaking polar bear swam for 9 days

A polar bear has swum 687 km non-stop for 9 days, making it the longest swimming polar bear ever

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Fluffy Polar Bears

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